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2009 May



In Core JavaScript

By abcoder

Gmail uploader clone with drag drop feature : Free Download with source code

On 13, May 2009 | In Core JavaScript, JavaScript, jQuery | By abcoder

Recently I developed the gmail file uploader clone using jQuery. Here is the online demo.

Gmail uploader clone with drag drop feature screen shot

I added some extra functionalists.
You can see the image thumbnails after the uploading is completed. There is a cross button at top right of each thumbnail, clicking on it will delete the image. If you right click on the image you’ll see a context menu from which you can delete the image too along with replace the existing image option.

The most interesting feature is you can drag drop the thumbnails to change the order. Yes this is essential when you need to maintain the order of images in classified sites after uploading them, also a little modification will let you edit the image order later time by dragging the thumbnails. The image name and the image title is dynamically added in the “updateInfo” form and send(post) via the hidden fields imgs[] and imgComment[]  array. You can easily get the order by php using foreach loop on $_POST['imgs'] field. Just hit the submit button after uploading 2 images and you will see the output on post.php page. (hope that makes sense).

Download it for free in a single zip file

If you have any better example of gmail uploader clone please share the links in comments.

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In jQuery

By abcoder

jQuery vs. prototype.js

On 10, May 2009 | In jQuery | By abcoder

I’m basically a jQuery developer. I had little knowledge about prototype.js. All I knew is jQuery is better than prototype, so I never got interested about it.

However, for some reason I started a project with prototype.js and each line of code makes it clearer that which one is better. Somehow I finished the project using prototype.js along with scriptaculous.js and effects.js. Everything was fine in IE7 and FF 3. But it breaks in IE6. I was not happy with the unnecessary huge code. For example there is no live event in prototype.js, you can not apply an event to a group of elements with same class (You have to use loop for it), there is nothing like jQuery.animate function by which you can do any css animation (You have to add scriptaculous.js for some pre-built animation effects!) and a lot more limitations.

Even the scriptaculous.js is not that rich, for example using ScrollTo effect you can smoothly scroll to any anchor tag “vertically” only but no way of ScrollTo horizontally(!) in case your page is landscape orianted. Here is the code that I used instead(I found the idea from the source code of ScrollTo function):

var scrollOffsets = document.viewport.getScrollOffsets();
var elementOffsets = $$(' ul li')[index].cumulativeOffset();
new Effect.Tween(null,scrollOffsets.left,elementOffsets[0] - lo,function(p){window.scrollTo(p,;});

The equivalend jQuery code is:

scrollLeft: ($(' ul li').eq(index).offset().left - leftOffset) + 'px'
}, "slow", "swing");

There are a lot more examples like this. The summary is the code using prototype.js was 180 lines and the equivalent code using jQuery is now only 160 lines + a lot of mental relief that it would work on all browsers :)

One thing I want to make clear is I have no intention to boost anything. In fact both of them are free.

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