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iPhone 4



In iPhone 4

By abcoder

My iPhone got a second life!

On 08, Oct 2011 | In iPhone 4 | By abcoder

A few hours back I went to attend a wedding. The network was not that good there but my iphone’s battery was about 75% charged. Last time I checked a message on Beluga. After a while I tried to make a call and found my iphone(4) switched off and it didn’t turn on after several tries. At first I assumed the battery ran out due to poor network coverage and I didn’t even have the charger with me.

I came back to my place, connected the charger and tried to turn it on. But no luck, I started sweltering :-’(
After several minutes of charging I tried again and no it is not waking up any more!

I Googled about the problem and found a lot of peopled had the same issue several times. After trying some random tips got the correct solution.

Here is the secret to solve such a breath-taking situation: Press and hold Power button + Home button together simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on screen. That’s it! This is called “soft boot” (or “Hard Reset” as well). Don’t worry it won’t remove any data, just the cache will be erased and the phone will run smoothly again.

Hope it’ll work for you as well.

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