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In iPhone 4

By abcoder

My iPhone got a second life!

On 08, Oct 2011 | In iPhone 4 | By abcoder

A few hours back I went to attend a wedding. The network was not that good there but my iphone’s battery was about 75% charged. Last time I checked a message on Beluga. After a while I tried to make a call and found my iphone(4) switched off and it didn’t turn on after several tries. At first I assumed the battery ran out due to poor network coverage and I didn’t even have the charger with me.

I came back to my place, connected the charger and tried to turn it on. But no luck, I started sweltering :-’(
After several minutes of charging I tried again and no it is not waking up any more!

I Googled about the problem and found a lot of peopled had the same issue several times. After trying some random tips got the correct solution.

Here is the secret to solve such a breath-taking situation: Press and hold Power button + Home button together simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on screen. That’s it! This is called “soft boot” (or “Hard Reset” as well). Don’t worry it won’t remove any data, just the cache will be erased and the phone will run smoothly again.

Hope it’ll work for you as well.

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In News

By abcoder

Samsung’s upcoming Slate PC will compete with iPad

On 10, Jun 2010 | In News | By abcoder

According to Samsung, iPad is lack of processing power and it doesn’t have enough connectivity options. Samsung claimed this tablet PC has more potential than an iPad. It also claimed that Slate PC will also have greater flexibility. Samsung reports that it is looking at two platforms from Intel to power the unnamed device: Atom or the Moorestown System on a Chip.

Samsung’s Emmanuele Silanesu assures that the upcoming new tablet pc will have a much stronger focus on the consumer market than the Q1. So that consumer can get an attractive device in a reasonable price.

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In Google

By abcoder

Google unveils AT&T-compatible Nexus One

On 08, May 2010 | In Google | By abcoder

Google’s Nexus One smartphone was unveiled in January for use only on the T-Mobile network. Recently Google announced a Nexus One compatible with AT&T’s 3G network.

Unlike the T-Mobile version of the Nexus One, the AT&T-compatible model isn’t available at a subsidy from the carrier. Customers have to buy the unlocked AT&T-compatible version of the phone.

The AT&T version of the Nexus One is also compatible with the Rogers network in Canada, the same provider that sells the iPhone and, for the first time, Google will ship the device to Canada.

While both T-Mobile and AT&T use GSM-based cell phone standards, the two networks use different frequency bands for their respective 3G traffic. Hence, the T-Mobile-compatible unlocked Nexus One could be used on AT&T, but only at EDGE speeds. Both the T-Mobile and AT&T versions of the Nexus One can be used internationally in most countries.

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In apple

By abcoder

A pair of printer driver updates released by Apple

On 10, Apr 2010 | In apple | By abcoder

Recently Apple has released a pair of printer driver updates. printer drivers are necessary, if not exactly spine-tingling, so owners of Samsung and Brother printers will doubtlessly want to download Samsung Printer Drivers for Mac OS X v10.6 and Brother Printer Drivers for Mac OS X v10.6, respectively. The former is a 23.25MB download that includes Samsung printing software that shipped with Snow Leopard, while the latter is a 100.02MB file with the latest Brother printing and scanning software for OS X 10.6.1 and later. Apple offers these drivers for Samsung, Brother Printers. To know the feasibility of your printer model that mean whether your printer model is supported by this Apple’s news pair of updates or not. You can Follow Apple’s website to see a list of supported Samsung and Brother hardware. The list includes supported printer model.

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In apple

By abcoder

Digital Camera Raw update 3.1 has released by Apple

On 12, Mar 2010 | In apple | By abcoder

Recently Apple has released Digital Camera Raw update 3.1. It is able to render both Aperture 3 and iPhoto’09. It is also compatible with more than ten new cameras from seven different manufacturers around the world.

apertureDigital Camera Raw Update 3.1 weighs in at a little over 6.7MB. It’s now available via Software Update which can also be downloaded from Apple’s support site. It requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later verson or Mac OS X 10.6.2 or later verson to run.

The update covers cameras of disparate pedigree: Sony Alpha DSLR A500, A800 and A850, Pentax K-7 and K-x, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1, Olympus E-P1 and E-P2, Leica X1 and M9, and Hasselblad H3DII-50. Hasselblad H3DII-50 is a medium format DSLR with the most expensive Among the bunch of Camera.

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In Microsoft

By abcoder

Microsoft is on the way to release its Office for Mac

On 03, Mar 2010 | In Microsoft | By abcoder

Microsoft sneak peak offer of Office for Mac will be available later this year. Microsoft has Previewed Office for Mac in San Francisco lately. It includes new connections to Microsoft services which will help users collaborate more effectively.

Its new tools allow users to work on Ms Office files from different locations via a Microsoft Office Web Application connection (though its beta now). Throough Web Application documents are stored in the user’s Windows Live ID account or Microsoft SharePoint.

This office application for Mac Ribbon represents an evolution of the Office 2008 Elements Gallery, leveraging the classic Mac menu and standard toolbar. Users can collapse the ribbon and the toolbar to get more screen space.

It also have Co-authoring feature which will remove confusion from having multiple versions of documents. It also facilitates real-time status updates to users.

With the new design, Microsoft intends to make it easier to find new and frequently used commands.

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In apple

By abcoder

iPad: Apple’s advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device

On 09, Feb 2010 | In apple | By abcoder

iPad is a whole new kind of device by Apple. Apple believes this new tablet PC will be the killer Web browsing device, the best way to read newspapers and magazines, perfect way to watch movies on the go, ruling portable gaming devices Because of its large, high-resolution LED-backlit IPS display, Multi-Touch screen, powerful Apple-designed chip.

iPad is thin and light enough to take anywhere (The screen is 9.7 inches measured diagonally. At just 1.5 pounds and 0.5 inch thin). Its battery backup is Upto 10 hours. With built-in 802.11n, iPad takes advantage of the fastest Wi-Fi networks. iPad also comes with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology, letting you connect to devices like wireless headphones or the Apple Wireless Keyboard. iPad will also be available in a 3G model with superfast data speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.

Through this one can get a fast connection for surfing the web, downloading email, or getting directions. The powerful built-in speaker of iPad produces rich, full sound perfect for watching a movie or listening to music. iPad also comes with a headphone jack and a built-in microphone. iPad pricing starts from $499 to $829.
With all the magical combinations, iPad is claimed as a advanced and revolutionary device.

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In plugins

By abcoder

WPtouch iPhone Theme (part 2)

On 06, Jan 2010 | In plugins, wordpress | By abcoder

This a continuation from my previous post on WPtouch. In that post I explained how to add additional user agent support by modifying the wptouch.php. Also I mentioned the pain associated with this method – each time you update the plugin you have to edit the $useragents array. I suggested to give an option in the admin panel to add extra user agents. I’m not sure – may be after seeing my post WPtouch decided to give an option for that in the admin panel ;)

Here is the good news – yes now you can add “Custom User-Agents” to WPtouch! Below is a screen-shot from ABCoder’s WPtouch settings:

WPtouch iPhone Theme - new settings for adding extra user agents

I’ve added these user-agents:

playstation, samsung, wap, windows ce, wm5 pie, iemobile, symbian, series60, series70, series80, series90, blackberry, midp, wml, brew, brew, xiino, blazer, pda, nitro, netfront, sonyericsson, ericsson, sec-sgh, docomo, kddi, vodafone

A really handy way to check whether it is working or not – add webkit at the end (certainly with a comma before it) and visit your site from Google Chrome. If you see the iPhone version everything is perfect! Don’t forget to remove “webkit” before you go live.

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In News

By abcoder

Google Chrome for Mac and Linux operating system now on air

On 11, Dec 2009 | In News | By abcoder

Google has released a version of its popular web browser Google Chrome on December 8, 2009 for Macintosh computers. Google’s target is to challenge Safari Web browser offered by Apple to its users. Google also released a beta version of Chrome for computers running on open-source Linux operating systems on the same day.

Google claimed its extra effort to build a fast and polished browser for Mac. The Macintosh version of Chrome is still in ‘beta’ version and yet to unveil in full swing. While using the beta version, Macintosh users do not yet have customization features such as allowing extension programs or bookmark management.
Google has also planned that Linux and Windows compatible versions of Chrome could be customized with features such as mini “extension” programs. Already the beta version of Google Chrome for windows has a lot of extensions available to download from Google Chrome Extensions (beta).

Google Chrome for Mac runs on Mac OS X and the Linux version of Chrome supports Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora & openSUSE Linux.

Google Chrome Screenshoot from Mac OS X

Google Chrome Screenshoot from Linux

Google Chrome Extensions available in beta

Here are a few fun facts from the Google Chrome for Mac team:

  • 73,804 lines of Mac-specific code written
  • 29 developer builds
  • 1,177 Mac-specific bugs fixed
  • 12 external committers and bug editors to the Google Chrome for Mac code base, 48 external code contributors
  • 64 Mac Minis doing continuous builds and tests

And here are some from the Google Chrome for Linux team:

  • 60,000 lines of Linux-specific code written
  • 23 developer builds
  • 2,713 Linux-specific bugs fixed
  • 12 external committers and bug editors to the Google Chrome for Linux code base, 48 external code contributors

Download Google Chrome for Mac/Linux

Download Google Chrome for Mac
Download Google Chrome for Linux

Google product manager Brian Rakowski believes that the betas of Google Chrome for Mac, Linux and extensions will fulfill some sort of e-wishes of internet users.

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In plugins

By abcoder

WPtouch iPhone Theme for ABCoder

On 19, Sep 2009 | In plugins | By abcoder

WPtouch iPhone Theme pluginYesterday I logged into the wp admin panel of abcoder and on the dashboard I found link to WPtouch iPhone Theme plugin as the most popular plugin. I got interested and visited the plugin home page. At first look its simplicity attracted me. It seamlessly enables the mobile version of your wordpress blog without any hassle. Unlike other wp plugins’ homepage it has a very professional & clean look (FYI, it’s a free wordpress plugin) and illustration on installing and post installation configurations and FAQs & Documentation. Without any delay I installed it. Everything was fine, it’s time for testing now, but I don’t have an iPhone.

My cellphone is nokia n73, unfortunately this amazing plugin is only for iPhone by default. I browsed the site from my nokia phone and it’s still the same full version of the site, not the mobile(iPhone) version which sounds logical.
Hmmm… so it’s time to get dirty with some modifications in the source code ;)

One week ago I worked on a restaurant website, I used mdetect.js from hand-interactive for mobile phone detection and redirect the visitors to a mobile version of the site. WPtouch plugin detects the borwser/OS using php’s $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']. The main file is wptouch.php under root folder of the plugin, on line 360 (may vary for upcoming versions) the browser (OS) detection part is done inside detectAppleMobile function definition.

function detectAppleMobile($query = '') {
	$container = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];
	// The below prints out the user agent array. Uncomment to see it shown on the page.
	// print_r($container); 
	// Add whatever user agents you want here to the array if you want to make this show on another device.
	// No guarantees it'll look pretty, though!
		$useragents = array(		
		"iphone",  				 // Apple iPhone
		"ipod", 					 // Apple iPod touch
		"aspen", 				 // iPhone simulator
		"dream", 				 // Pre 1.5 Android
		"android", 			 // 1.5+ Android
		"cupcake", 			 // 1.5+ Android
		"blackberry9500",	 // Storm
		"blackberry9530",	 // Storm
		"opera mini", 		 // Experimental
		"webos",				 // Experimental
		"incognito", 			 // Other iPhone browser
		"webmate" 			 // Other iPhone browser
	$devfile =  compat_get_plugin_dir( 'wptouch' ) . '/include/developer.mode';
	$this->applemobile = false;
	foreach ( $useragents as $useragent ) {
		if ( eregi( $useragent, $container ) || file_exists($devfile) ) {
			$this->applemobile = true;

You see there is no “symbian” in the array. I modified the function and changed the $useragents array. My edited detectAppleMobile function looks like this:

function detectAppleMobile($query = '') {
	$container = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];
	// The below prints out the user agent array. Uncomment to see it shown on the page.
	// print_r($container); 
	// Add whatever user agents you want here to the array if you want to make this show on another device.
	// No guarantees it'll look pretty, though!
		$useragents = array(		
		"iphone",  				// Apple iPhone
		"ipod", 				// Apple iPod touch
		"aspen", 				// iPhone simulator
		"dream", 				// Pre 1.5 Android
		"android", 			 	// 1.5+ Android
		"cupcake", 			 	// 1.5+ Android
		"blackberry9500",	 		// Storm
		"blackberry9530",	 		// Storm
		"opera mini", 		 	// Experimental
		"webos",				// Experimental
		"incognito", 			// Other iPhone browser
		"webmate", 			// Other iPhone browser
		"playstation",			// Play Station
		"samsung",				// Samsung Mobile
		"wap",				// deviceWap
		"windows ce",			// deviceWinMob
		"wm5 pie",				// enginePie
		"iemobile",				// deviceIeMob
		"symbian",				// deviceSymbian
		"series60",				// deviceS60
		"series70",				// deviceS70
		"series80",				// deviceS80
		"series90",				// deviceS90
		"blackberry",			// deviceBB
		"midp",				// deviceMidp
		"wml",				// deviceWml
		"brew",				// deviceBrew
		"palm",				// devicePalm
		"xiino",				// engineXiino
		"blazer", 				// Old Palm
		"pda",					// devicePda
		"nitro",				// deviceNintendoDs
		//"webkit",				// engineWebKit, DO NOT use this on Google Chrome
		"netfront",				// engineNetfront
		"sonyericsson",			// manuSonyEricsson
		"ericsson",				// ericsson
		"sec-sgh",				// manuSamsung1
		"docomo",				// svcDocomo
		"kddi",				// svcKddi
		"vodafone"				// svcVodafone
	$devfile =  compat_get_plugin_dir( 'wptouch' ) . '/include/developer.mode';
	$this->applemobile = false;
	foreach ( $useragents as $useragent ) {
		if ( eregi( $useragent, $container ) || file_exists($devfile) ) {
			$this->applemobile = true;

Note that I’ve commented out the “webkit”, cos from Google Chrome the output of $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] is

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/530.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/530.5

So you are supposed to see the mobile version from chrome browser!

Now everything is ALMOST perfect from nokia and I’m happy with that :). The home page is only about 30kb. Yeah! Brave New Code has really done a great brave new job. From my nokia n73 some javascript and ajax does not work, from Nokia 5800 it’s perfect, everything works nicely. Haven’t tested it from iPhone, but I’m sure it’s 100% okay from iPhone. I tried to use google adsense for mobile but no luck. May be it’s not supported for publishers from Bangladesh yet.

african people mobile phone

A recent survey shows that the volume of mobile internet users is increasing. Now it’s vital to provide a mobile version of your site whatever your site is about.

Mobile Internet users on the upswing

For wordpress WPtouch is really an ‘out of the box’ plugin to take the blogging platform to a new era. The ajax comment feature is appreciating and a must for mobile browsers to reduce data transfer. It has a different dashboard for configurations, you can play around there, the default setup is well but I check on the WPtouch in exclusive mode, it’ll turn off all other plugins & reduce the load and also check on to show the excerpts on home page. The most important part is your site loads super fast with WPtouch from mobile browsers, here is a comparison:

compare loading time with and without WPtouch iPhone theme

I think they should provide the option for enabling the theme for all mobile phones and not only limited to iPhone & android. The touch enabled browser of Nokia N97, 5800 is same powerful as iPhone touch browser. I hope they’ll think about it and enable the support for other mobile phones as well. Overall this is a very good work and keep it up.
If you have not installed the plugin yet, I’d like to recommend it. You may ask me for support if you need any.

Join testking CISM web development course to learn about PHP and WP plugins and become master using testking 642-975 tutorials and testking HP0-J33 live demos.

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