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In Gmail

By abcoder

New Phonetic keyboard in Gmail

On 18, Nov 2009 | In Gmail | By abcoder

Gmail is continuously surprising us with its out of the box features, enormous flexible options and outstanding super-simple user interface. Everyday so many users being fade up with yahoo are going towards gmail. Like Yahoo, Gmail also show ads but they are never that annoying as they’re just simple text ads, no funky flash or image ads, no forcing for being a paid subscriber (Gmail don’t have any paid subscription, it’s totally free! :P). All these simplicities are the main attraction of Gmail which are driving Yahoo users towards it. The recent update in Gmail themes is “Random Themes” option. It’s really boring when you have to read and reply hundreds of emails a day. The “random” gmail theme automatically rotates the eye-catching collection of themes after every 1-2h which makes “gmailing” fun! “Random theme” is my personal favorite.
The free Xoopit plugin added an extra gear to Gmail which is no more as Yahoo bought the service. Here we can feel the acute cold war between Gmail & Yahoo evidently. Yesterday I tried Google Wave and it certainly will re-shape the concept of classical email system.

Gmail Phonetic KeyboardTyping in Gmail's Phonetic Keyboard

This morning I was typing an email on gmail and found a new symbol on top left of the compose box editing panel (Rich formatting mode). I clicked it and saw a drop-down menu with 12 languages options including Bengali, Hindi, Arabic and so on. OMG! it’s phonetic keyboard! I tried some text with it, simply awesome!! I hope gmail will keep going on with its passion for the “ease of use”. Bravo! love you Gmail.

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